Digital on the go!

Welcome to a digital world of weddings. Our app helps you to plan your big day easily from your smartphone.

Your important day, easily planned on your smartphone

Schedule of the day

No more bored guests waiting for the next act as they can follow along your planned schedule.

Digital seating map

This application helps you to easily plan your seating map. You can place your guests with only a few clicks and make changes at all times.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery is a great interactive tool where both you and your guests can upload photos of your special day.

Design the app yourself

You can adapt the color scheme and background to the motto of your wedding.

Why our wedding app?

Young, innovative, and specially designed for your comfort. Since 2021, we are helping many wedding couples to plan their dream wedding in an easy and modern way. No more endless piles of lists and no more chaos – just perfection.

The wedding app makes your big day perfect!

Fast support

With every question and every detail – we are here to help you. Our support team is always available to help you to use the app in the best way possible.

Data protection & security

Your cyber security and privacy is very important to us. We secure your private data with maximum care and work with the most modern encryption technology. Your private information stays with you – we guarantee the highest data protection and never forward any of your sensitive data to any third party.

Easy to use for everybody

Our app – very uncomplicated so that either technology fans or newbies can easily use it. Our wedding app is designed intuitively for you to be able to plan your big day in an easy and efficient way.




for only 24,99€

With this app you can easily plan your wedding day. Start now.