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Welcome to the future of wedding planning. Our app enables you to easily plan everything from your guest list to your seating map – directly from your smartphone. Download the app now.

Schedule of the day

With designing your day schedule, not only you but also your guests are able to follow along your planned acts throughout your big day. Symbolize your key moments of your wedding day from the ceremony to the last dance. No more bored guests waiting for the next program point. They are well informed and can use the free time to stroll around your wedding venue without missing any important acts. You can enjoy your big day while everything goes as planned.

Seating map

The wedding app includes an application which helps you to plan and organize your seating map. You can easily add the names of your guests and move them between tables until you organized your preferred seating chart. This helps for you to organize a seating chart and it helps your guest to know their seat in advance. It does not matter if it is a small or big group of guests, you can decide on the amount of tables and seats.  

Photo gallery

In our photo gallery application both you and your guests can share the best shots of your wedding. A handy upload feature, sorted files and an intuitive design make it easy to save your photos in the app. Share your best moments with your beloved guests.

Guest list

In the guest list application the wedding couple gets a great overview of the guests who already accepted or declined the invitation. The guests are able to make a note on special needs or dietary restrictions. You can easily add the guests to the seating map, and you keep a perfect overview of your guest list at all times.


The menu application provides you with the option of presenting your wedding menu to the guests either in advance or on the day of the wedding. It does not matter whether your are planning on going with a buffet or course style meal. If you decide to share your menu in advance your guests will be looking forward to the culinary experience on your wedding. Easy, stylish, and efficient – for a smooth event and enthusiastic guests.

Wishes on wedding gifts

You have a special list of gifts you are looking for and do not wish to get any presents you do not need? Share your wishes with your guests in this application. You can add anything you want – money, tea service, photo shooting etc. – just add it to your wish list and your guests can anonymously tick it off the list if they decide to get that present for you. No unwanted or doubled gifts for you, no guessing game for your guests, just pure happiness for everybody.

Personalize the app

Change the templates of the app to your style. You can change the color scheme of the app and adjust it to the color scheme of your wedding. Simply choose the main color, adjust and save it. Your guests will be impressed of the thoughtful and personalized design. Make your special day even more memorable with this unique app, as unique as you are. Create your profile and start the countdown to saying Yes. 

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Your money,

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